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IT SERVICES TO KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS Here at TechKnowledgey, we understand that most small and medium-sized business owners did not go into business because they love the everyday routine of making sure their computer systems are efficiently operating. Lucky for you, we did. These are the areas you should allow us to manage so that you can start spending …

How to Maximize Your ROI on Managed Print Services

Zack ConoverXerox

Though managed print services sound¬†like a complicated process that‚Äôs reserved for large corporations, it‚Äôs actually something that every business ‚Äď of every size ‚Äď needs every day. In fact, your office is probably printing something right now as we speak. Simply put, managed print services is the printing, copying, and filing you do daily handled by a professional service; it‚Äôs …

Why SMBs Need Expert Support When it Comes to Print Security

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Data security used to be a concern relegated to large enterprises. Small and medium¬†size business (SMB) owners were more likely to worry about their information security¬†as customers than in a business context. But as the digital age evolves, the security¬†threat landscape is becoming more complex, and SMBs are increasingly in the¬†crosshairs. Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses, …