Zero In On Downtime For Long-Term Business Continuity and Customer Satisfaction

Zero In On Downtime For Long-Term Business Continuity and Customer Satisfaction

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Small business has changed dramatically within the last decade. No change has been more profound than our dependency on information technology (I.T.) systems to support critical day-to-day business functions. In today’s increasingly competitive high-tech environment, it is critical that all business operations run smoothly and efficiently. Business momentum, employee productivity, and customer service all depend on an I.T. infrastructure that …

The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation

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See if you can relate to this story. A long-term employee just took a job somewhere else. For years they had access to critical information that your business needs to operate. As a busy business owner or manager, you probably weren’t supervising them as close as you should have. You feel a mild panic attack as you realize you’re exposed. …

Online Backups

Online Backups: Do You Really Need Them?

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If you are like most small to medium size businesses, you are probably thinking of backing up your data with online backups as a cost addition. You probably don’t have too many systems and you have a handful of trusted employees who know their job pretty well. Why do you need to invest in online backups? This blog post will …

TechKnowledgey Office

Business Technology: Relevant & Free From Fear

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IT SERVICES TO KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS Here at TechKnowledgey, we understand that most small and medium-sized business owners did not go into business because they love the everyday routine of making sure their computer systems are efficiently operating. Lucky for you, we did. These are the areas you should allow us to manage so that you can start spending …