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TechKnowledgey, Inc. is a midwest IT company creating successful hybrid cloud services, integrated IT services, network security, network support services, IaaS, and managed print services powered by IoT for their customers. TechKnowledgey is Business Focused and Relationship Driven. In our mind, IT support is more than "managed services". It's about connecting with the people who depend on tech to carry out their mission. Customer service will always be a priority in handling your business needs. We serve a wide reach from our headquarters in Goshen, Indiana. Give us a call at (574) 971-4267 or contact us online.

Cloud Services For Business

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Migration services for Google Workspace apps for both business & education

  • Workflow Collaboration

    Efficient collaboration for email, file storage, calendar, and meeting space

  • Expert Training

    Expert training and customization services

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- Dennis Bailey, VP of Operations, Salem Insurance Agency

“One of the main reasons we went with TechKnowledgey is that they have simple solutions for complex problems, and they can explain them in a way that is easy to understand.”

- Dennis Bailey, VP of Operations, Salem Insurance Agency

Network Security For Business

  • Managed Firewall

    Next generation Fortinet firewall device to guard your network from external threats. 

  • Anti-Virus Protection

    Prevents threats from coming in through your Macs, PCs and other supported devices.

  • Complete Control

    Web filtering that puts YOU in charge of what’s seen or blocked on YOUR network.

  • Integrated VPN Access

    VPN secure remote network access gives you access to the office from anywhere with a decent connection.

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- Tom Craig, CFO, Turtle Top / Independent Protection Co.

“We’ve utilized them as our entire IT department. They have never steered us in the wrong direction. They’ve only ever made our lives easier.”

- Tom Craig, CFO, Turtle Top / Independent Protection Co.

Managed IT Services

  • Regularly scheduled service

    Regularly scheduled service - An ounce of prevention goes a long way, therefore regularly scheduled service visits are a strategic management tool successfully enabling a plan and a purpose.

  • Emergency support

    We ensure emergencies are cared for quickly. We work hard to prevent them, but you will have our fullest attention if they do happen.

  • Predictable Costs

    Our base plus overage fee schedule and the purposefulness in our customer relationships allow you to budget for your IT needs.

  • Case Management

    Customers have access to our web-based case management tool, successfully enabling transparency for all outstanding and completed cases.

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TKI Hybrid Cloud customers experience 99.9% real world uptime.
(That’s less than 4 hours of downtime per year across both cloud and on site equipment)

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Scale your server

    Scale your server capacity up or down in hours instead of weeks or months.

  • Reduce Risk

    Reduce your risk of viruses and spyware.

  • Accessibility

    Access your email and data from any device, anywhere.

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Wes Miller, Director of IT, GDC Inc.

“We utilize TechKnowledgey for so much. It’s always easy to get them out here when we have an issue, but most of the time they are out here before we even know it’s become a problem! For instance, when our ink is running low, we just get a new one in the mail - without even having to ask!”

- Wes Miller, Director of IT, GDC Inc.

Xerox Office Printers

  • Minimized downtime

    Printers should always function successfully when you need them.

  • Automated Management

    Using IoT, the printers relay messages to our office, identifying problems and ink levels before our customers are aware.

  • Expert technicians

    Our team of technicians have years of experience serving our customers.

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“When we found out that our system had a virus, I expected the worst. TechKnowledgey got here immediately. What could have been a disaster ended up being less than a day of downtime, without any lost data. We were grateful that they were so quick to respond. They got us back up and going in no time.”

- Debbie Sweazy, IT Coordinator, Brunk LLC/ AJP Corp

Remote Tech Support

  • remote monitoring and management

    We can monitor a variety of desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices across multiple operating systems and platforms.

  • anti-virus computer protection

    We protect against known viruses and watch for new, hard-to-detect malware threats.

  • cloud backup services

    Backup solutions include file only backups to complete disaster recovery.

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TechKnowledgey, Inc. is a midwest IT company creating successful hybrid cloud solutions, integrated IT services, and managed print services powered by IoT for their customers. TechKnowledgey services a wide reach from its headquarters in Goshen, Indiana.
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