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IT Services For Business

Whether it’s running computers, your network, maintenance, response, building a new network on-premise, we work for the success of your business. InSourcing Services are created for customers who have a steady need for IT services and want a relationship with their IT services provider. 

TechKnowledgey, Inc InSourcing is a great fit for any company’s tech needs:

  • Focused attention
  • Dedicated scheduled service
  • Emergency support
  • Custom maintenance schedules
  • Custom monitoring solutions

Managed IT Services Benefits Include:

A relationship with your TechKnowledgey team member - Your business’s data is one of your most important assets.  Why trust IT to a stranger?  When hiring an IT services provider, you are really interviewing a new member of your staff.  

Regularly scheduled service - An ounce of prevention goes a long way, therefore regularly scheduled service visits are a strategic management tool successfully enabling a plan and a purpose.

Line Jumping Privileges - As an InSourcing customer, your emergencies receive our highest priority. We ensure emergencies are cared for quickly. We work hard to prevent them, but you will have our fullest attention if they do happen.

Predictable Costs - Our base plus overage fee schedule and the purposefulness in our customer relationships allow you to budget for your IT needs.

Roll Over Hours - Unused hours in any given month roll over for up to 1 year.

Discounted Rates - In addition to the rest of these benefits, our InSourcing customers receive volume discounts.

Case Management - Case management keeps track of all of your service needs as well as weekly and monthly checks that need to be performed to keep your network healthy. InSourcing customers have access to our web-based case management tool, successfully enabling transparency for all outstanding and completed cases. You can add cases though the web tool, call, or e-mail us with requests.

Tom Craig, CFO, Turtle Top / Independent Protection Co.

“We’ve utilized them as our entire IT department. They have never steered us in the wrong direction. They’ve only ever made our lives easier.”

- Tom Craig, CFO, Turtle Top / Independent Protection Co.

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