5 Signs Switching IT Service Providers Is Worthwhile

Zack ConoverNetwork Support Services, Remote Tech Support

Are you happy with your tech? Most people don’t spend much time thinking about the answer to that question. Instead, it’s common to just stick with the tech you have — even if it may not be the best one to take care of your business’s needs.

Don’t let complacency cause you to stay a customer of a company, or hang on to an employee, that’s not providing you with very good service. If your tech isn’t making you happy, make a switch.

If you’re not sure whether a change is worthwhile, check out these five signs to see if switching IT service providers is worth considering.

1. You’ve had a change or breakdown in relationship with your tech

The #1 reason businesses look to change IT providers is because of a change or breakdown in relationship with their tech. It happens all the time. Your IT services may have been purchased by a bigger company. Perhaps the company went out of business. Maybe an employee got fired or quit.  Sometimes people just move on. Bottom line, if the person you trusted with your IT is out of the picture, it may be time to consider switching to a new IT services provider.

2. The company you’re dealing with is too big to care

Customers often switch IT service providers because large companies with hundreds of employees just don’t seem to care. Larger companies are notorious for asking us to play by their rules. It feels like they put their interests ahead of ours. If day-to-day work involves long wait times, complexity, and dealing with too many people to get simple things done, switching IT service providers may be the right choice.

3. Your tech is falling behind

Technology is always changing. Many times companies switch IT service providers because their tech is not keeping up. Single IT administrators seem to struggle the most without a proper team to back them up. Managing a modern network takes modern tools and training. If your provider does not have a plan for proactively managing communication, backup, security, tickets, and updates it’s just a matter of time till things break down. The days of one person handling a company’s tech systems are long gone. You need both a team and a system to keep things running smoothly.

4. You don’t know what you are paying for

When a business invites us out for a sales call we often ask, “What are you buying from your current IT company?” or “What does your current tech do for you?”. The answer is almost always, “I don’t know”. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know what you’re buying. You are in good company, but quality IT providers should be transparent about their services. IT is too important and there is too much money at stake to answer, “I don’t know”.

5. Your IT service provider is difficult to talk with

Your business functions and operates with technology as its lifeblood. It needs to work. When your computer, server, or printer is down you need a quick response from your IT service provider. How many times have you called them and only gotten voicemail? How many times have you had to explain yourself to multiple people to get the job done? If your tech is tough to communicate with, it’s time to consider switching.


If any of this connects with you it might be time to switch IT service providers. TechKnowledgey is business focused and relationship driven. We have a simple to understand menu of IT services that take care of a range of business IT needs. We’re easy to talk with, are built from the ground up to manage business tech, and we’re experts at managing the transition between IT service providers.

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