Is It Time To Switch I.T. Providers?

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Is Your Current I.T. Provider Placing You in a "Que" or "Pod"?

Don't let complacency cause you to stay with a company, or hang on to an employee, that's not providing you with very good service. If so, you may need to switch I.T. providers. If you're not sure whether a change is worthwhile, consider these questions.

Have you had a Change or Breakdown in relationship with your tech? 🤝

Do you know what you're paying for? 💸

Do you think your tech is falling behind? 💻


"If any of these questions resonate with you, we should talk. Over the years, I’ve guided hundreds of business leaders through tech transitions. Getting you through a tech transition requires skill in dealing with people, tech, and business. Let’s see if my experience can help your business. Click the button below to schedule a meeting."

- Boyd Smith, Founder of TechKnowledgey


Change or Breakdown in relationship with your tech?

The #1 reason businesses look to change I.T. providers is because of a change or breakdown in relationship with their tech. It happens all the time. Your IT service provider may have been purchased by a bigger company. Perhaps the company went out of business. Maybe an employee got fired or quit.  Sometimes people just move on. Bottom line, if the person you trusted with your tech is out of the picture it’s time to consider switching to a new I.T. services provider.

Do you know what you're paying for?

When a business invites us out for an IT evaluation we often ask, “What are you buying from your current I.T. service provider?” or “What does your current tech do for you?”. The answer is almost always, “I don’t know”. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know what your buying. You are in good company, but responsible managers should have answers to these questions. I.T. is too important and there is too much money at stake to answer, “I don’t know”.

Do you think your tech is falling behind?

Tech is always changing. Many times companies switch I.T. providers because their tech just is not keeping up. The one man bands seem to be the worst. Managing a modern network takes modern tools and training. If your tech does not have a plan for proactively managing communication, backup, security, tickets, and updates it’s just a matter of time till things breakdown. The days of one person handling a company’s tech are long gone. You need both a team and a system to keep your tech running smoothly.


“WOW!  I am sitting here in a very quiet office just over a week after we started the transition.  Everything is up and running.  Every computer, laptop, printer and phone are connected.  I can access all the information I need.  I am confident my system is secure.  My internet connection is flying.  My employees are on their way home with positive attitudes from a week of very little disruption. I am really looking forward to working with TKI.”

- Mike Rzeszutko, President, Adams & Westlake


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