Natural Disasters Are No Match For The Cloud

Zack ConoverCloud Services, Network Security

While many Goshen businesses were struggling to stay open, Salem Insurance was business as usual, thanks to cloud services.

In February 2018, Goshen, Indiana, and nearby communities had a massive “100-year flood”. This record flood left dozens of residences surrounded by water, closed main roads, created a traffic mess due to detours, and resulted in firefighters using boats to move people to dry ground according to the Goshen News. Ultimately, the Elkhart County Commissioners and Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman declared a state of emergency. Dozens of businesses like Kroger and Casper Coin were shut down until further notice.

Even worse, many business networks were down preventing access to company data for employees to work from home during the flood. Flooding a company building results in thousands of dollars in damages, but a damaged network inaccessible to employees puts a complete halt to workflow. At that point, the company is paying for salaried employees who can’t work. That is potentially tens of thousands of dollars wasted while trying to get the business back online.

Salem Insurance was one of the many businesses hit by the flood. Since Salem Insurance has two locations connected to the same network, both locations were at risk of shutting down until further notice. In most cases, when one network gets hit with a natural disaster, both locations are unable to access the internet or company information, leaving the business crippled and unable to serve customers in any capacity. Our customer, Salem Insurance, was fortunate enough to have TechKnowledgey’s cloud and network service powering their infrastructure. As a result, Salem served their customers diligently during the chaos of this great flood.

With TechKnowledgey’s cloud and network services, Salem was able to:

  1. Access company data on their network via the cloud
  2. Stay secure from hackers who would leverage this natural disaster and steal confidential company information
  3. Keep employees safe from the chaos of the flood by working remotely
  4. Keep their other branch functioning while still being connected to their network
  5. Most importantly – serve customers diligently

While many businesses were closing until further notice, Salem Insurance was able to remain open to serve the community. If your company is interested in cloud services before the next natural disaster hits, please fill out the request form here. Our team has years of experience in cloud services and cloud backup.