The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation

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See if you can relate to this story.

A long-term employee just took a job somewhere else. For years they had access to critical information that your business needs to operate. As a busy business owner or manager, you probably weren’t supervising them as close as you should have. You feel a mild panic attack as you realize you’re exposed. Knowledge needed to run the business is walking out the door. What are you going to do?

The Covid Pandemic has brought big changes to the business world. It’s been hard on business relationships. If you Google search the “Great Resignation” you’ll see that over ½ of employees are seriously considering working somewhere else. It cuts the other way too. It is not discussed as much, but the rapidly changing landscape gives employers plenty of cover to “engineer transitions” for problem personnel. Whether you find yourself engineering or receiving a transition, you need to be prepared. 

In the early days of my business, I remember getting pinched by a sudden resignation. Believe me, it’s no fun. I said, “never again”, and learned from my mistakes. Let me pass on what I learned. 

Here are three things TechKnowledgey can do to help prepare your business for the Great Resignation. 

First, we’ll make sure your business owns its data. We’ll scan your network for shadow systems like Gmail, DropBox, and a long list of other “free” apps that companies do not own, but commonly use. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to this. If you can’t prove that you bought it, you’ll be at the mercy of a disgruntled former employee to get access to it. 

Second, we’ll help you manage employees’ access to business systems. Instead of everyone using generic passwords or using a clunky spreadsheet, we’ll manage everything with a password manager like Passportal. This allows you to know which systems an employee has access to and turn off their access at a moment’s notice. It’s the digital equivalent of handing out and collecting office keys.

Third, we’ll help your business find the best talent available by having systems that allow people to work from anywhere. This gives your business more options to hire the best people instead of being limited to the talent pool within commuting distance.

Whether it’s moving to the cloud, setting up access to internal servers, or setting up collaboration tools like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, TechKnowledgey can set you up to win with remote workers. 

If you get ahead of this now, you’ll thank me later. We’re here to help. No business should be held hostage by employee transition. Over the years I’ve walked businesses through hundreds of employee transitions. 

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Boyd Smith – President, TechKnowledgey, Inc.