TechKnowledgey, Inc services help businesses reach their potential by expanding capabilities, leveling the playing field, and controlling costs.

InSourcing IT Services… Are for growing businesses that need a steady supply of IT services. We’ll provide you a steady relationship, regularly scheduled service, and processes customized for your businesses.

TechKnowledgey, Inc CRM… Ditch your overly complex, dysfunctional, expensive CRM system. Our CRM system runs on Google for Work. Get your team working together instead of bogging them down with useless data entry.

Microsoft Server and PC Support… Microsoft Windows desktops and servers are the backbone that most businesses run on. We provide network services and help desk support to keep them running.

Network Installation and Support… Your network is the road system that connects all your computers. Traffic needs to flow reliably. We’ll keep your networking traffic flowing across the office or across the globe.

Backup & Disaster Recovery… We’ll put policies, procedures, and tech in place to make sure your business survives a natural or human-induced disaster. We also test them to make sure they work when it counts.

OnDemand IT Services… Are for companies who don’t have a steady need for IT services and are not looking for a long term relationship. IT Services by the project or by the hour.

Google for Work We’re a leading Google service provider with a proven track record. Our Google-certified personnel will help your business transition its storage, collaboration, and communication to the cloud.

lock-50x50Cyber Extortion Protection Package… Our Cyber Extortion Protection Package is an additional layer of specifically targeted ransomware protection. It prevents hard drives from encryption after clicking malicious links.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)… Simplify things, move costly, complex, on-premise servers to the ACS Cloud. Reduce capital expenditures and quickly scale up or down as business demands.

Managed Print Solutions… Put your printers and copiers on auto-pilot. OfficePrinters by TechKnowledgey, Inc will keep your fleet serviced and supplied so your valuable time is put to work solving bigger problems.

Email Systems… Are the primary roads that businesses exchange information on. We prefer Google for Work but also support collaboration systems from like Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

Vacation Staffing… Sometimes it makes sense to have an in-house IT guy. If you value him, let him take a beach vacation. We can be his “permanent sub” so that your business continues to run at its peak.

Hardware Sales… Some companies find it useful to have us provide their hardware so they don’t have to spend time figuring out what to buy on big websites with too many choices.

Purchase Consulting… Let us be your trusted advisor on which tech to purchase and who to buy it from. We’ll charge you for it, but we promise a value that’s worth twice the price!

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