From our headquarters in Goshen, Indiana, we are able to service a broad range of customers across the U.S. While some things remain constant, we stay at the controls, prepared for the headwinds and crosswinds.

What our customers are saying

“We had a big ransomware scare and TechKnowledgey Inc was able to restore our system from backups and we didn’t even lose a day’s worth of work. We didn’t have to pay the ransom either and had very little down time.” | “Extremely fast response, always out within hours, they make us a priority.” | “One of the best parts of TKI is just having an extra set of ‘hands on deck’ for big software updates. What would normally take two guys a few weeks can be done in an afternoon with them.” | “We’ve utilized them as our IT department.” | “When we found out that our system had a virus, I expected the worst. TechKnowledgey got here immediately. What could have been a disaster ended up being less than a day of downtime, without any lost data. We were grateful that they were so quick to respond. They got us back up and going in no time.” | “The people at TechKnowledgey come in every Thursday just to see if there’s anything we need. The first thing they always ask is ‘how are you, how can we help?’. That means a lot to us.” | “The TKI team are great listeners. The first thing they do is listen to your problems, your goals, your strengths, and then finds the perfect road to get to where you need to go.”

TechKnowledgey helps build better businesses

“I was impressed with Bob’s work here. He did a great job setting up the copier, answering all my questions, configuring special settings, and even threw in some network advice not directly related to the copier. He obviously knows his stuff, plus he was very personable. Great to work with.

Looks like we’re starting off on the right foot.”Kendal Sommers, Chief Information Officer, Menno Travel

Delivering success at home and further from home

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TechKnowledgey, Inc. is a midwest IT company creating successful hybrid cloud solutions, integrated IT services, and managed print services powered by IoT for their customers. TechKnowledgey services a wide reach from its headquarters in Goshen, Indiana.

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