Subject to the requirements in the MSA, TechKnowlegey will off-board Client from TechKnowledgey’s services by performing one or more of the following:

  • Removal / disabling of monitoring agents in the Environment.
  • Removal / disabling of endpoint software from the Environment.
  • Removal of TechKnowledgy owned hardware.
  • Removal / disabling of Microsoft 365 from the Environment (unless the licenses for Microsoft 365 are being transferred to your incoming provider; please speak to your technician for details.)
  • Termination of SQL or Remote Desktop licenses provided by TechKnowledgey.
  • Removal of credentials from the Environment. Techknowledgey will provide usernames and passwords ina secured PDF file.
  • Removal of backup software from the Environment. TechKnowledgey will retain a copy of the backup for 30 days.

As an accommodation, TechKnowledgy will answer your reasonable questions about their Environment or network. We will not work directly with your new service provider. 

Both TechKnowledgy and the Client will maintain confidentiality. Just as we will not disclose proprietary information we’ve learned about the client, the client will not disclose any of TechKnowledgy’s methods, tools, or trade secrets.

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