IT Vendor Management Services

Zack ConoverNetwork Support Services, Remote Tech Support

As a business owner, you’ve wondered if IT vendor management services is right for you. Maybe you’ve pondered questions like these while trying to navigate the world of IT:

  • How can I grow my company while cutting down on IT expenses?
  • How can I manage my internet, network security, printers, and ERP vendors?
  • How can I coordinate with external IT vendors without a drop in productivity?
  • What do I do when faced with complicated software and hardware issues?

If you’ve asked yourself these things and struggled to come up with a solution, the good news is that you aren’t alone. There are far too many owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses hitting their heads against the wall trying to solve complicated, time-consuming tech problems. Fortunately, TechKnowledgey creates business-focused IT solutions with exactly these issues in mind.

Here at TechKnowledgey, we can empathize with the tech struggles you go through. We consult with businesses all over Michiana for their IT, just like a CIO would, for a fraction of the cost. Our experienced network techs can provide you with an IT roadmap designed to make your business more profitable. Think of us as your personal virtual CIO who coordinates all of your IT vendors.

Our IT vendor management service works on your behalf with third-party vendors. Our goals align with your business goals to help reduce the bottom-line expenses. We will present you with solutions regarding which software and hardware suppliers are best suited for your business. We also handle both simple consultations and complex year-long projects to manage your IT infrastructure. Having a virtual CIO to coordinate IT vendors is a valuable and cost-effective investment in your business.

Our IT vendor management services can increase your company’s productivity. Usually, there’s one “techy person” in the office that everyone turns to when there is an IT issue. When this is the case, that person’s productivity will decline and they may even experience burnout faster than their other coworkers. Why? Because the “techy person” really has two jobs: the job they were hired for and the job of juggling the requirements of multiple IT vendors.

It is vital to have a centralized point of contact to handle IT issues and solve them efficiently. TechKnowledgey’s IT pros are happy to help as part of our managed IT service for Michiana businesses. Partnering with us can free you and your “techy person” from time-consuming IT issues so you can focus on growing your business.

In addition to IT vendor management, we can also take a physical inventory of all your software and hardware. We keep track of all your serial numbers, warranties, licenses, registrations, and configurations and document them for quick access. This eliminates some of the downtime when something is damaged or breaks completely. If you ever need new software or hardware, or if you need to upgrade your tech, all you have to do is give us a call. It’s that easy. Since we already have your tech information on hand, we can handle the relationship with various IT vendors properly on behalf of your business. When finished, we will inform you of the progress made on the issue and describe the next steps necessary for completion within your time frame.

Managing your IT is essential to the welfare of your business. However, trying to do it by yourself can become one big migraine that you don’t need. Please take a minute to browse our website for more information on our time-saving managed IT services. Afterwards, give us a call at (574) 971-4267 or chat with us live to have one of our network techs contact you.