Hourly Technical Services (For Block Hours Customers)

Standard technician services for service calls and remediation of issues will be applied to available Block Hours. Block Hours customers receive priority service. Unused monthly Block Hours roll over for up to 12 months from invoice and are nonrefundable. Service hours provided beyond the available Block Hours will be billed at the Client’s hourly rate. ‌

Engineering and/or Project Management include services such as network infrastructure engineering, custom engineering and designs, and cloud solution infrastructure. Services including or substantially similar to Engineering and/or Project Management will be charged an additional $20 per hour.

TechKnowledgey’s standard service hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Work begun during our standard hours may continue for one additional hour at regular contracted rates. Otherwise, services provided outside of our standard hours are billed at twice the standard rate. Services provided on TechKnowledgey observed holidays are billed at three times the standard rate and subject to certain limitations. 

TechKnowledgey offers three (3) block hour commitments: 5 hours per month, 10 hours per month, or 20 hours per month. If you do not purchase block hours, support services will be billed to you at our then-current hourly rate.

Minimum billing is 1 hour for onsite service and 1/4 hour for remote service. Onsite services will incur a $59 trip charge limited to 1 per day.‌

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