The fees for the Services will be as indicated in the Quote.

Reconciliation. Fees for certain Third Party Services that we facilitate or resell to you may begin to accrue prior to the “go-live” date of other applicable Services. (For example, Microsoft Azure or AWS-related fees begin to accrue on the first date on which we start creating and/or configuring certain hosted portions of the Environment; however, the Services that rely on Microsoft Azure or AWS may not be available to you until a future date). You understand and agree that you will be responsible for the payment of all fees for Third Party Services that are required to begin prior to the “go-live” date of Services, and we reserve the right to reconcile amounts owed for those fees by including those fees on your monthly invoices.

Changes to Environment. Initially, you will be charged the monthly fees indicated in the Quote. Thereafter, if the managed environment changes, or if the number of authorized users accessing the managed environment changes, then you agree that the fees will be automatically and immediately modified to accommodate those changes.

Travel Time. If onsite services are provided, we will bill you and you agree to pay our flat rate trip charge as indicated in your SOW.

Access Licensing. One or more of the Services may require us to purchase certain “per seat” or “per device” licenses (often called “Access Licenses”) from one or more Third Party Providers. (Microsoft “New Commerce Experience” licenses as well as Cisco Meraki “per device” licenses are examples of Access Licenses.) Access Licenses cannot be canceled once they are purchased and often cannot be transferred to any other customer. For that reason, you understand and agree that regardless of the reason for termination of the Services, fees for Access Licenses are non-mitigatable and you are required to pay for all applicable Access Licenses in full for the entire term of those licenses. Provided that you have paid for the Access Licenses in full, you will be permitted to use those licenses until they expire.

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