Covered Environment

Managed Services will be applied to the number of devices indicated in the Quote (“Covered Hardware”). The list of Covered Hardware may be modified by mutual consent (email is sufficient for this purpose); however, we reserve the right to modify the list of Covered Hardware at any time if we discover devices that were not previously included in the list of Covered Hardware and which are receiving Services, or as necessary to accommodate changes to the quantity of Covered Hardware. You may request a list of devices included in the Covered Hardware (email is sufficient for this purpose).

Unless otherwise stated in the Quote, Covered Devices will only include technology assets (such as computers, servers, and networking equipment) owned by the Client’s organization. As an accommodation, TechKnowledgey may provide guidance in connecting a personal device to the Client’s organization’s technology, but support of personal devices is generally not included in the Scope of Services.

If the Quote indicates that the Services are billed on a “per user” basis, then the Services will be provided for up to two (2) Business Devices used by the number of users indicated in the Quote. A “Business Device” is a device that (i) is owned or leased by Client and used primarily for business, (ii) is regularly connected to Clinet’s managed network, and (iii) has installed on it a software agent through which we (or our designated Third Party Providers) can monitor the device. 

We will provide for any software applications that are licensed through us. Such software (“Supported Software”) will be supported on a “best effort” basis only and any support required beyond Level 2-type support will be facilitated with the applicable software vendor/producer. Coverage for non-Supported Software is outside of the scope of the quote and will be provided to you on a “best-effort” basis and a time and materials basis with no guarantee of remediation. Should our technicians provide you with advice concerning non-Supported Software, the provision of the advice should be viewed as an accommodation, not an obligation, to you.

If we are unable to remediate an issue with non-Supported Software, then you will be required to contact the manufacturer/distributor of the software for further support. Please note: Manufacturers/distributors of such software may charge fees, some of which may be significant, for technical support; therefore, we strongly recommend that you maintain service or support contract for all non-Supported Software (“Service Contract”). If you request that we facilitate technical support for non-Supported Software and if you have a Service Contract in place, our facilitation services will be provided at no additional cost to you.

In this Services Guide, Covered Hardware and Supported Software will be referred to as the “Environment” or “Covered Equipment.”

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