BYOD: A Minefield For Data Security

Jesse GoodCustomer Education, General Info, Network Security

One of the big drivers behind the adoption of any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is employee convenience. Being able to handle all activities–work-related and personal–is a serious time saver. Considering that most of us conduct our personal digital lives 24/7 and that our employers now expect us to be available off standard working hours, two separate physical devices …

5-Step Process To Improve Collections For Your Business

Boyd SmithCustomer Education, General Info

Businesses are dealing with an epidemic of epic proportions.  And no, it’s not COVID-19. It’s collections. Collecting money owed to your business is tough. Nobody likes to talk about it, but if we’re going to lead well, we need to be prepared to have the conversation. I remember struggling with collections in the early days of my business. Looking back, I …

IT Services

The Benefits of a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Jesse GoodCustomer Education, General Info

Managed Service Providers – or MSPs – are often recommended as a cost effective IT solution for small businesses. For a minimal monthly fee, MSPs provide a reasonably priced solution to the complex technology pains of small businesses. Here’s a look at the various benefits an MSP can offer your business… Freed-Up Resources and a Renewed Emphasis on Core Business  …