Block Of Hours / Allocated Consulting Hours

If you purchase one or more blocks of technical support or consulting hours from TechKnowledgey, then we will provide our professional information technology consulting services to you from time to time on an ongoing, “on demand” basis (“Services”). 

The specific scope, timing, term, and pricing of the Services (collectively, “Specifications”) will be determined between you and us at the time that you request the Services from us. 

You and we may finalize the Specifications (i) by exchanging emails confirming the relevant terms, or (ii) by you agreeing to an invoice, purchase order, or similar document we send to you that describes the Specifications (an “Invoice”), or in some cases, (iii) by us performing the Services or delivering the applicable deliverables in conformity with the Specifications.  

If we provide you with an email or an Invoice that contains details or terms for the Services that are different than the terms of the Quote, then the terms of the email or Invoice (as applicable) will control for those Services only. 

A Service will be deemed completed upon our final delivery of the applicable portions of Specifications unless a different completion milestone is expressly agreed upon in the Specifications (“Service Completion”).  (For example, sales of hardware will be deemed completed when the hardware is delivered to you; licensing will be completed when the licenses are provided to you, etc.) Any defects or deviations from the Specifications must be pointed out to us, in writing, within ten (10) days after the date of Service Completion.  After that time, any issues or remedial activities related to the Services will be billed to you at our then-current hourly rates. 

Unless we agree otherwise in writing, Services will be provided only during our normal business hours, which are currently 9 – 6 PM Eastern Time.  Services provided outside of our normal business hours are subject to increased fees and technician availability and require your and our mutual consent to implement. 

The priority given to implementing the Services will be determined at our reasonable discretion, considering any milestones or deadlines expressly agreed upon in an invoice or email from TechKnowledgey.  If no specific milestone or deadline is agreed upon, then the Services will be performed in accordance with your needs, the specific requirements of the job(s), and technician availability.

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