Hybrid Cloud

By leveraging tech from Google, Amazon, RackSpace, Microsoft, and others, you can:

  • Scale your server capacity up or down in hours instead of weeks or months.
  • Reduce your risk of viruses and spyware
  • Access your email and data from any device, anywhere
  • Backup your servers hourly instead of daily
  • Restore your servers from catastrophic failures within hours
  • Free up your capital budget

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TKI Hybrid Cloud customers experience 99.9% real world uptime.
(That’s less than 4 hours of downtime per year across both cloud and on site equipment)

“One of the main reasons we went with TechKnowledgey is that they have simple solutions for complex problems, and they can explain them in a way that is easy to understand.”Dennis Bailey, VP of Operations, Salem Insurance Agency

Insourcing Managed Services

Whether it’s running computers, your network, maintenance, response, building a new network on premise, we work for the success for your business. InSourcing Services are created for customers who have a steady need for IT services and want a relationship with their IT services provider.  

TechKnowledgey, Inc InSourcing is a great fit for any company’s tech needs:

  • Focused attention
  • Dedicated scheduled service
  • Emergency support
  • Custom maintenance schedules
  • Custom monitoring solutions

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“We’ve utilized them as our entire IT department. They have never steered us in the wrong direction. They’ve only ever made our lives easier.”Tom Craig, CFO, Turtle Top / Independent Protection Co.

IoT Managed Print Services

TechKnowledgey creates seamless resolution through managed print services.

We utilize IoT (Internet of Things) through our Managed Print Services division. Using IoT, the printers relay messages to our office, identifying problems and ink levels before our customers are aware.

Printers are an important part of the tech environment but often have a different service provider. When service providers aren't aligned, it's the customer who gets caught in the middle (ie, downtime!). Printers should always function successfully when you need them. Ensure this by taking a proactive approach to contract with TechKnowledgey to manage your printers for you.


  • Alignment for your IT environment:
  • Minimized downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Automated management
  • Expert technicians

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“We utilize TechKnowledgey for so much. It’s always easy to get them out here when we have an issue, but most of the time they are out here before we even know it’s become a problem! For instance, when our ink is running low, we just get a new one in the mail – without even having to ask!”Wes Miller, Director of IT, GDC Inc.

Project Based IT Services

When your company has grown beyond using a person doing IT “on the side”, it may be time to upgrade to a professional.

Whether it’s help with a complex, large, one-time project, or just getting you out of a jam, we’ll be there to help.

Project Based Services may range from recovering data from a single computer to setting up complex VMware setups that power $100M companies.

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“When we found out that our system had a virus, I expected the worst. TechKnowledgey got here immediately. What could have been a disaster ended up being less than a day of downtime, without any lost data. We were grateful that they were so quick to respond. They got us back up and going in no time.”Debbie Sweazy, IT Coordinator, Brunk LLC/ AJP Corp

IT Security Solutions

We make sure your firewall and antivirus software are performing and up to date. This package actively protects you from nefarious actors who are looking for easy targets running outdated equipment. It also protects you from employees using computers for “non-work” related activities.

Services include:

  • Next generation Fortinet firewall device to guard your network from external threats. 
  • Endpoint protection (formerly known as anti-virus) to prevent threats from coming in through your Macs, PCs and other supported devices.
  • Web filtering that puts YOU  in charge of what’s seen or blocked on YOUR network.
  • VPN secure remote network access gives you access to the office from anywhere with a decent connection.

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Google Technical Services

We are a leading Google service provider with a proven track record of successful Google projects. Our G Suite team has years of experience supporting Google products for both public and private sectors. We will help your organization transition storage, collaboration, and communication to the cloud. Leverage the amazing features of Google for Business applications to help your team work together better.

Services include:

  • Migration services for G Suite business applications
  • Specialize in migration configuration and technical support for both Business and Education
  • Efficient collaboration for email, file storage, calendar, and meeting space. 
  • Expert training and customization services

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