4 Reasons Why Office Printers Matter

Zack Conover Xerox

No one likes dealing with messy office printers. We strive to stay ahead of the curve with the complexity of both paper and digital. Here are 4 reasons why office printers matter in today’s digital age.

Customer Experience

A functioning office printer equals a happy customer. We know that customer service is the reason TechKnowledgey exists today. That’s why we choose next-generation office printers with top-notch user experience. These printers help paper-based processes convert into a streamlined digital service. For instance, a contract can be generated and populated online, printed and sent to the client for his or her signature, then scanned right back into the system. Digital workflows prove to be more efficient, which make customers happy.

Power Your Company

Printers now play a crucial role for businesses today in the transition to digital processes and systems. Small to medium-sized companies realize this. Multi-functional office printers are an essential link in the communication chain. This information flow cannot risk a halt in operation. A halt in operation could also halt the bottom line of your business.


Xerox next-generation office printers raise productivity with direct access to cloud applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. According to Xerox, “The average worker in the U.S. with a shared central printer spends three minutes waiting for a print job. Doesn’t sound like much? It’s 13 hours a year. For a 250-employee company, that’s 3,250 wasted hours.” Better user experience allow employees to get the job done without downtime. Ultimately, improving your bottom line.

User Experience

How annoying is it when your printer doesn’t work? Next-generation office printers ease frustration with their enhanced user experience. Printer navigation screens are both simple and intuitive reducing the number of interactions.  These office printers are intelligent “workplace assistants”. They aid in daily work life, rather than hinder production.

Is your printer holding you back? Ready to take your productivity to the next level? TechKnowledgey offers a full line of next-generation Xerox office printers for your business. If you would like to hear more, please chat with us or call (574) 971-4267.