Are you really happy with your IT guy?

When it comes to business relationships, we often put up with unhealthy ones simply because they are familiar.

At TechKnowledgey, Inc we’ve found that the #1 reason that most customers switch IT service providers is because of a breakdown in the quality of the business relationship.

Do any of these thoughts connect with you?

  • You worry about your tech. You’ve got a nagging feeling that your IT guy is just not getting it.
  • Your IT guy is hard to communicate with. He doesn’t listen to you, much less understand your business.
  • Your IT guy is just not there for you. You were given promises of uptime and quick response, but when you really needed them, they were nowhere to be found.
  • The same problems keep recurring. How much is enough when your critical business systems are at stake?
  • The relationship is not progressing. Your tech guy does the same stuff year after year. You have vision, you want to grow, but your tech guy can’t take you there.
  • You tell yourself it’s not that bad. Why settle? If you’re telling yourself “it’s not that bad,” that should be a big clue that it might be time to move on.
  • For whatever reason, you dread calling your IT guy. If your staff has a reluctance to approach IT with an issue, there’s a problem.
  • You’re afraid of commitment. If you don’t feel comfortable renewing that managed services contract, then it might be time to shop around.
  • You don’t feel appreciated. When’s the last time that you were genuinely thanked for your business?

At TechKnowledgey, Inc, we can help you find a way out of your IT unhappiness. Our first order of business is listening carefully to the pain points of the past and figure out what winning looks like.

We’re not your typical IT Guys. We select our team members and vendors with excruciating care (we hire 1 out of every 100 applicants). Our techs are geeks for sure, but they are chosen for their people skills and we train them to make them even better. At TechKnowledgey, Inc we think the ability to relate with people is just as important as knowing a server from a switch. Our customers choose us, and stay with us, because they are happy with their TechKnowledgey Guy.

If you’re unhappy with your IT guy,we’re here to talk.

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