Problems we solve for companies like yours

Here’s a sampling of the tech and people problems we solve for companies just like yours. If  you’re experiencing any problems like these, and you’re willing to do what it takes to fix them, we’re here to help.

People Problems

I don’t like my IT guy… When we ask businesses what their #1 IT problem is, this is it. Our entire industry is stereotyped by the arrogant, hard to communicate with, poor hygiene, hard to relate with… computer guy.

Part time IT staffing…  Most companies don’t need an IT guy. Our InSourcing Managed Services allow even companies with sales in the tens of millions of dollars to run without the overhead of an IT department.

Managing Remote Workforces…  We’ll keep your remote workforce connected with cloud based Microsoft Servers, CRM apps like and replacing 0n site infrastructure with Google Apps for Business.

Help Dysfunctional Teams Work Together…  We’re not shrinks, but sharing the right information, with the right process, at the right time, with the right people on your team goes a long way to improve team dynamics.

Employee Termination…  In the old days you just escorted a fired employee to the door. Now you need to protect your company’s intellectual assets before you even think of firing an employee.

Spending too much time managing tech… Our InSourcing plans allow you to do what you’re good at. We set up solid relationships, help manage to do lists, and carry the burden of dealing with tech.

Vacation Staffing… If you’re lucky enough to have an IT guy that you like, show him your appreciation with a well deserved vacation! You can hire us to take care of your network, and people, while he’s on the beach.

My staff constantly complains about tech… A complaining staff is like a drippy faucet. We’ll take tech off the complaint list by cleaning up the tech mess, scheduling regular appointments, and communicating well.

Tech Problems

Computer Trouble… We solve all your computer problems including, hardware issues, blue screens of death, viruses, sluggish PC’s, pop up ads, and we’ll even kindly tell you to restart your computer.

A virus keeps reinfecting my network… We’ve earned quite a few customers over the years because their IT guy could not get ahead of a virus that kept reinfecting the network like a game of whack-a-mole.

Unreliable Networks… There’s nothing that destroys office morale than the Internet going dead or losing connection with the server. There’s no reason for a business to put up with an unreliable network.

Server Crashes… Nothing makes a business owner panic like a server crash. We know how much you depend on your server. We’ve earned many customers over the years by coming into a disastrous situation and restoring order.

Slowness… There’s nothing quite like the frustration of wanting to get something done quickly and waiting on slow tech. There are many things that slow your tech down to a crawl. We know where to eliminate the bottlenecks.

Failed Backups… We’re horrified at the number of companies that think they have a good backup but really don’t. The biggest reason backups fail is because not taking the time to actually restore a file.

Email’s Down… Again… It’s time to fire the company or get rid of that in house server. Don’t worry about losing all of your old contacts and email. We know how to bring that over to a modern tech like Google Apps for Business.

I Hate Printers… Yep, printers can be a pain. You don’t have to deal with them. Just hire Office Printers by TechKnowledgey, Inc and we’ll run them so well you’ll forget they’re around.

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