Featured in the Google Enterprise Blog

TechKnowledgey, Inc has been featured in the Google Enterprise Blog.

TechKnowledgey, Inc understands how to make the cloud computing work for business. We’ve got lots of experience helping customers transition from traditional On-Premise IT systems to the Cloud. We also know how to help customers blend on-premise and cloud based systems to get that just right combination of location independence, financial value, and security.

Here are some ways we’ve helped people with Google for Work:

We’ve converted local school systems from decades old on-premise email systems over to Google Apps for Education. In every case we completed the project on time and on budget. The schools saved tens of thousands of dollars in support and licensing costs. With Google they are also in a better position to deploy non PC hardware like tablets and Chromebooks.

We’ve helped teams learn how to work together in real-time. While your competition is stuck in the 90’s, waiting for email attachments and combining multiple versions of work, we set your team up to work smarter by working together on the same files.  Instead of connecting to the home office, our customers get their files immediately on their phones, tablets, and laptops.

We’ve developed custom CRM (customer relationship management) systems for businesses. Many businesses are not ready for a costly, complex, overbuilt CRM system. We make it simple. We automate the mundane tasks so your team can focus on more important and fulfilling work.

We’ve developed “mini apps” to help take care of those countless tasks that trip up teams. Google Enterprise captured the story of how we developed a simple, easy to use, tool that helped Monroe Restoration. Get to know us, and if you think we might be a good fit, then let’s talk…