TechKnowledgey excels at serving the closely held business with revenues in the millions of dollars.  Check out some customer profiles to help you decide if TechKnowledgey is the right fit for you.

Professional Services

TechKnowledgey understands the needs of professional service businesses.  Highly skilled professionals, billing by the job, have little time to spend on tech that does not perform.  We create abundance for professional services businesses by providing them with simple, quick, reliable tech that allows them maximum efficiency.


Manufacturing is a diverse industry.  Our customers produce a wide variety of products from snow melt to lightening rods, buses, automotive parts, and even material to soak up oil spills. Companies that choose us are not the ones who make the cheapest products, they make the best products. We help you compete by leveling the playing field in this global economy.

Distribution and Fulfillment

Somebody builds it, somebody buys it, and our customers in distribution connect the dots for them.  These customers have a strong need for location independence.  We provide tech solutions that link their locations all over the country, along with their road warriors.  It’s as if everyone is working from the main office.

Franchise and Specialty

If there is an owner with a passion for it, someone has built a business around it.  We have customers who do everything from selling cars to making the donuts.

Financial Services

Tech in the financial world is highly specialized and regulated.  Financial institutions have dedicated IT departments that excel in managing day to day business, but also outsource work to assist with special needs.  Some of these special needs are managed print solutions and cloud collaboration systems.  This helps our financial customers stay balanced!


We service a wide variety of healthcare businesses from the private practitioner to the affiliated healthcare system.

Industry-specific software packages that are needed to connect to larger providers and insurance companies are usually the cornerstone of their network.  Cloud-based services like Google Apps are great for communication and collaboration on medical transcription.

As for the larger health systems that have IT departments bigger than our company, we serve in the role of specialist.  One of our specialties for these big organizations is helping them control costs through managed print solutions.