Get to Know Us

The IT services industry is highly competitive. Most companies seem to offer similar products and services companies, but don’t be fooled. Every company has it’s unique personality, values, and culture.

When you do business with us, you’ll quickly discover our combination of business acumen, people skill, and tech knowledge sets us apart from the competition. We’re not your typical unrelatable IT guys who don’t understand. Many customers start out by having us fix their broken stuff, but it’s rare that we end there. Most of the time we become an integral part of your business building team.

Tech is a powerful tool that improves processes, connects people, and levels the playing field in ways that are only limited by your imagination (and maybe your checkbook, but you’d be surprised). We’ve got the mindset and skill to make a solid growth contribution to your business.

TechKnowledgey, Inc’s team is made up of well vetted employees, subcontractors, and partnering businesses. Tech is a team sport. We’re not shy to pass the ball to partners we trust, if it serves you better.

    core values

    Celebrate Victory

    Celebrate the victories, forget the losses, drive on.

    Enjoy Your Work

    Do what you enjoy doing.. or do something else. Life’s too short!

    Focus on the Future

    Relentlessly pursue growth and learning.

    Don’t Gossip

    Talk to someone who can make a difference, or keep it to yoursef.

    Value People

    We value the financial, emotional, spiritual, and time resources of others.

    Cool Geeks

    We know what people think about tech guys; we don’t want to be “That guy”

    Don’t Flail About

    If you’re stuck, push the pause button, re-evaluate and re-engage. Don’t spin your wheels.

    Focused Attention

    If it’s worth doing, other things are worth ignoring. Dedicate the time and resources necessary to get the job done.

    Live Debt Free

    Budget and do not overspend. When debts are owed, pay them as quickly as you can.

    Share the Wealth

    Create abundance so you can fill not only your cup, but also the cups of others.